Water For Grassroots:  Supporting 
community organizing in the swing states

Water For Grassroots works to support community organizing groups in the swing states, helping them build grassroots political power that lasts beyond a single election cycle.  Our main focus right now is on Pennsylvania and Florida. HelpFloridaRegister.org is one of our projects. To get occasional updates on what we're doing, join our email list with the short form below.
Since Water For Grassroots (W4G) formed in 2017, our volunteers have:

Helped restore the right to vote to more than a million people in Florida with past felony convictions. In the petition campaign to put this referendum on the ballot, our outreach to NYC unions' Florida retiree groups brought new activists into the fight. Then we helped this crucial reform pass with 64% support, by working with New Florida Majority and the Second Chances coalition to contact Florida voters. W4G volunteers sent out thousands of calls and texts, helping win a major victory in the fight against voter suppression.

Knocked more than 4000 doors with Lancaster Stands Up in Pennsylvania. While candidate Jess King lost this 2018 congressional race, she closed the gap by 8% compared to Trump's margin here in 2016. And Lancaster Stands Up dramatically expanded its organizing base during this campaign: it's grown from 300 to more than 1000 members, forming new local teams in a dozen Lancaster towns and helping launch York Stands Up in the neighboring county. In 2020, those organizing gains can help determine which presidential candidate wins Pennsylvania.

Worked with New Florida Majority (NFM) to help Andrew Gillum win the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018, in a historic campaign that shows the direction for Florida's political future. After Election Day, we helped NFM call Florida voters who cast provisional ballots, to help them make sure that their ballots would be counted.  We're continuing to work with NFM as it fights for "a Florida for all of us."

Registered voters in Philadelphia, helping elect a radical reformer as district attorney and a community activist to city council. In 2017 we joined Reclaim Philadelphia and other community groups in a voter registration campaign in North Philly, and helped get out the vote for new DA Larry Krasner, who made the injustices of mass incarceration the central issue of his campaign. In 2019 we organized five carpools to Philadelphia, for voter registration work and canvassing with Make The Road PA and Make The Road Action, helping Working Families Party candidate & parent activist Kendra Brooks defeat one of two Republicans on Philly's city council.

● Raised small-dollar donations to support independent voter mobilization by grassroots groups in Alabama, who were working to organize Black voters and keep arch-reactionary Roy Moore out of the US Senate. These community-based initiatives made Doug Jones Alabama's first Democratic Senator in more than 25 years. 

● Joined efforts to defend voting rights in North Dakota and Georgia, sending postcards or making phone calls to contact voters affected by Republican voter-suppression efforts.
We focus on groups organizing in working-class communities, especially in communities of color, & we're especially interested in the fight against voter suppression. Want to stay in touch?  Join our email list (below), and connect with our Facebook group (facebook.com/groups/water4grassroots).  You can always reach us at water4grassroots@gmail.com.


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