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An exciting new novel from Tobey Alexander.


When Gabe receives a strange package on morning little does he know the dangerous journey he and his family have been set
upon. Awash with disbelief and distrust at the contents of the package, a diary once belonging to his ostracised great-grandfather, Gabe is quick to dismiss the contents. Encouraged by his wife and children Gabe reads through the pages and finds himself believing the family legacy that his great-grandfather was a crazed man haunted by his obsessions with unbelievable myths and monsters. That is until, in the middle of the night Gabe finds himself targeted by masked invaders who invade his family home. Taking flight Gabe along with Sara, his wife and both children Claudia and Logan flee in haste. After a series of twisted events Gabe finds his wife captive to a mysterious scarred man who appears as obsessed as his great-grandfather with a monster known only as The Magdon. Choosing to follow the clues set out in the pages of the diary, Gabe, Claudia and Logan must delve into a mysterious world of hidden treasures and monsters to secure Sara’s freedom. A journey of disbelief soon becomes one of discovery and deceit where the family will be tested to their absolute limits. The world, and their lives, will never be the same again as day by day they begin to realise that the ramblings of a madman are in fact a twisted path into a dark and twisted universe. Gabe and his family must accept their fate and acknowledge that there is more to this world than what we have been led to believe. At the same time there are those that embrace the dark world beneath our own and will stop at nothing to resurrect a darkness and release it upon the world once more. INTO THE DARK charts a twisted journey of rediscovery, enlightenment and devotion, on which the fate of humanity is in the balance.

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